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I am a Chicago-based artist and designer, specializing in womenswear and textiles with a BFA in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. 


Much of the inspiration for my work comes from my love of big cities, and my explorations in and around them. I am drawn to the geometric grid setup and vertical and horizontal lines in urban settings, and these shapes are translated into my work to create the sleek, clean lines and angles of my garments. Attention to detail is foremost in everything that I create -  from my classic and minimalist designs to my drawings and prints, this meticulousness can be found in all aspects of my work.

In addition to womenswear, I design and create crocheted garments, textile prints, and embroidery, and beadwork pieces. In my spare time, I enjoy researching fashion history and shopping for vintage clothes and furniture.

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Practical. Wearable. Versatile.

These three elements are always kept in mind when I am designing and creating garments.


I am a practical thinker, and that practicality is translated in my designs. I believe that function in clothing is paramount - that wearability is one of the most important aspects of clothing, especially when it comes to ready-to-wear garments. The woman who wears my designs should be able to easily style these pieces with nearly anything in her wardrobe, because they are flexible and timeless. She is not restricted to only wearing the garments for only one occasion, limited to wearing the garment in only one look, or only wearing the garment for a brief period of time before it goes out of style.


While the silhouettes of my designs are refined, they are classic and sophisticated. To balance these understated silhouettes, I often incorporate prints and patterns, as well as various textures and embellishments. While the shapes of my garments may be minimal, I still want to incorporate an element of surprise and excitement in the pieces.


As I work through the design process and find ways to successfully merge understated designs with elevated prints or textures, the ideas of practicality, wearability, and versatility are constantly in the forefront of my mind, allowing me to create garments that withstand the test of time, changing styles and trends, and allow for wearers to easily to style my pieces in any way they choose.

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